Love for learning starts early!

The Pre-Primary curriculum of IDPS is focused on instilling a love for learning. Teachers here focus on activity-oriented methods, which are impactful in retention. The tenets of teaching are rooted in experimentation and enlightenment, focusing on strengthening cognitive, physical, social, and emotional competencies through the application of visual aids. Children are part of a nurturing environment, where playing, learning and growth converge to lay the foundation for a lifetime of academic, social, and emotional achievements. Teachers use digital resources to foster the learning atmosphere. There is also the exclusive Activity Studio with learning corners that add to the educational journey, ensuring that children not only understand but also enjoy the process of learning

Books and bytes that lead to brilliance.

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, IDPS recognizes the supreme importance of reading, writing, and resource accessibility for success. Which is why, our library is not just for reading and research, but is also a place that fosters a genuine love for literature. Our bank of books comprises every kind of reading material like periodicals, magazines, encyclopaedia, newspapers, and research papers. Also, the ICT lab is the gateway to the world of computing and web sphere that elevate educational experience.

That’s because, our advanced computing facility propels students into the world of contemporary information technology, cultivating essential digital literacy skills.

Bringing out talent to shine brighter.

Students of IDPS have ample time in their academic schedules, so that they can hone their creative talent and pursue activities of their interest. The school has drawn out several activities to identify individual talents in students and bring them to the fore. Teachers observe their skills and interests and are enrolled in Arts, Science, Literary, Cultural, and Environmental Clubs.

The school has exponents in training the students in their chosen field of interest. Students with immense talent are encouraged, and additional support is given by inviting professional trainers. A huge auditorium has been designed within the campus that becomes a venue to display the student’s talent during internal and external fests.

Shaping tomorrow’s innovators.

As the world continues to evolve, students must understand and embrace the changing dynamics in technology and science. By providing them with the resources and support to explore and engage in these fields, IDPS aims to empower its students to be future-ready and contributing members of society.

To support innovative learning, our school has established a curriculum that not only focuses on traditional subjects like science, math, and environmental studies but also offers specialized labs for robotics and project development. These labs provide students with hands-on experience and the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in a practical setting. The teachers here actively participate in the labs, providing guidance and support to students as they explore and learn.

Stories of comfort, commuting, and bonding.

The journey from home to school and back is not just about commuting, but a time of bonding, the memories of which will stay on for a lifetime for the youngsters. While that’s the long-term impact of the bubbly bus journey, the priority is on the well-being of the students during their daily commute. Our transport system ensures a safe and comfortable journey, assuring parents the peace-of-mind they need.

With our focus always on security, children enjoy a comfortable and cozy journey, which makes every trip pleasant. At IDPS, we go the extra mile to ensure that the journey is as reassuring for parents, as it is delightful for our students.

Setting the standards of sportive excellence.

The commitment of IDPS to children extends beyond academics, as we meticulously plan facilities and train to nurture sporting excellence. Reason why IDPS recognizes the dominant importance of sports and has facilitated the campus with a sporting infrastructure that’s designed to international standards. This holistic approach ensures students' physical development and overall well-being, reinforcing our dedication to a comprehensive education. Our belief is that, if a child has to become a champion tomorrow, what’s needed is the right sporting infrastructure and training. Moreover, IDPS excels with premier outdoor sporting facilities for football and cricket, nurturing athletic prowess and competitive spirit

Aligning mind, body, spirit in harmony!

The focus on holistic development is evident in the range of physical activities offered at IDPS, which not only promote physical fitness but also mental well-being. One of the standout features of the campus is the massive swimming pool, which has demarcated zones for beginners, swimmers, and professionals.This allows for tailored training and development, catering to students at all skill levels. In addition to swimming, students are also given training in lifesaving skills, yoga, meditation, and martial arts, to keep them mentally and physically fit.

The overall integrated education provided here reflects the school's commitment to nurturing students' before they set into the competitive world of learning.

Nourishing the mind, energising the body.

A regular day at IDPS is one where children immerse themselves in its enriching atmosphere. Here, the day starts with a sense of spiritual unity through prayers, where the entire school assembles to hum the morning hymns in unison. Meal-time isn’t just about food and nutrition. It’s also a time when children partake in conversations that spark intellectual curiosity, leading to lively gatherings at the spacious dining area. Students delight in a wholesome breakfast made at the centralized cooking facility overseen by a leading hospitality service.

This not only alleviates parental concerns but also guarantees hygienic and invigorating meals, promoting a sense of comfort and overall well-being.