International Delhi Public School, Kurnool offers a nationally established CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) curriculum.

Our formative approach to education prepares our students to excel in the Board Examinations, making IDPS Kurnool’ one of the best CBSE schools in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, India.

At IDPS Kurnool, the learning objectives of the CBSE board are successfully combined with our philosophy of focusing on our students’ learning needs. Our curriculum's main goal is to modernise teaching-learning techniques by creating paradigms that are helpful to students.

Our teachers regularly update their pedagogical skills by attending service training programmes and workshops.

Students are advised to explore the connection between diverse disciplines' theoretical and practical concepts at the primary and secondary levels. This cultivates higher order thinking abilities, encouraging our young geniuses to focus on their critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Primary School

The curriculum is designed to draw from their experiences and meet the cognitive and socio-emotional needs of the child. A lot of stress is laid at this stage on spoken English with emphasis on good pronunciation and diction coupled with excellent reading and writing skills. Field trips and Inter House Competitions are organised regularly to make learning fun and meaningful.

Middle School

Middle school provides a nurturing, secure, and supportive environment that motivates young adolescents to take on challenges in a culture of nurtured risk-taking as the children transition from childhood to adolescence. They are forced out of their comfort zones to develop their character, resiliency, and strong problem-solving abilities.

The academic curriculum in middle school places a strong emphasis on inspiring students to become independent learners and broaden their knowledge and skill sets. Middle school curricula also attempt to promote deep and critical thinking in our students.

Secondary School

For the secondary classes i.e., Grades 8 to 10, the main aim is to provide in-depth knowledge of the concepts. Extensive use of technology supplements classroom teaching thereby making it interactive and thus enhancing comprehension. The school offers CBSE-recommended schoolbooks and study materials for the students.

At IDPS Kurnool, our constant endeavour is to make education relevant to this rapidly changing and evolving world, without compromising on the quality of education.


Enabling the young to grow confident.

Nestled in the heart of Kurnool, a town with a rich history, the International Delhi Public School (IDPS) has bloomed as a dynamic center of global education. IDPS has an environment that transcends conventional learning settings with facilities that complement the best of national and international schooling. Here, we forge a distinct path towards success, cultivating a mindset where our students arise to be the ‘leaders of a new world’. As an institution, we pledge to shape confident future leaders - who are instilled with the knowledge, confidence, and awareness to contribute to the progress of the nation.

Cultivating critical thinkers for the world.

IDPS applies globally-recognized approaches to primary education that goes on cultivating confident, independent, and positive-thinking individuals. Our dynamic curriculum encourages children to explore and enhance their thinking. Using thematic and creative approaches, our teachers guide students to a deeper understanding of essential learning concepts, promoting inquiry-based learning. By encouraging questions and rousing curiosity, children prepare for academic and personal challenges.

As they graduate from Primary School, they step out well-equipped with knowledge, understanding of the subject, and resilience to tackle any future endeavours. IDPS sets the stage for a lifetime of learning and success during these formative years.

Teaching that makes a happy impact.

For learning to be effective, the ones imparting it need to have an approach that engages children in the process of learning. That said, IDPS has handpicked-faculty from eminent institutions who bring subject-knowledge, teaching-expertise, and innovation to the entire process of learning. The school has certified professionals and thought-leaders from the realm of academics, who create a dynamic environment.

Equipped with tools and modern teaching techniques in e-classrooms, teachers convey the subject with essence and efficiency. More so, their commitment to excellence fosters a unique, immersive learning experience for students.

Focusing on a future of competition.

Learning at IDPS is a process that involves discussions, investigations, problem-solving, project work, periodic tests, and interactive sessions. Our scientifically devised assessment system analyzes academic performance at a micro level, allowing for corrective measures.That’s because for senior school students, competitive exams play a pivotal role in shaping their academic trajectory.These assessments evaluate knowledge, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills, preparing them for challenges and also for personal and academic growth. The teachers of senior school of IDPS groom students for academic focus, guiding them towards long-term success in a stress-free environment.

Our teaching faculty employ a proactive methodology, encouraging active participation and personalized grooming based on individual skills.

Building confidence for the further climb.

The middle years at IDPS are the ladder to the next phase of the academic journey, that is, the senior school. At this stage, teachers set the pedestal for academic excellence of students’ personal growth. With the focus being on nurturing personality skills that encompass activities like presentation and public-speaking skills, teachers are intent on understanding individual strengths. A personalized approach guides students to excel academically and discover their true potential.

Exposure to core subjects during these years enlightens students on the ideal path for success, for senior secondary education. IDPS is dedicated to shaping confident individuals and preparing them for future challenges.

Learning that steps beyond the classroom.

Education at IDPS rises above classrooms, as children are part of educational tours and field trips. Such hands-on experiences enhance subject retention, leading to creative thinking. Integrated into our academic plan, these activities offer real-world connections to classroom topics. Students share their experiences through assignments and presentations, developing communication skills. Beyond academics, these excursions instil interpersonal values like sharing, caring, teamwork, and collaboration. So, at IDPS, learning outside the classroom is given great importance, because what the real world teaches cannot be learned sitting on the benches of the classrooms.

Beyond academics, these excursions instil interpersonal values like sharing, caring, teamwork, and collaboration. So, at IDPS, learning outside the classroom is given great importance, because what the real world teaches cannot be learned sitting on the benches of the classrooms.

They learn, they smile, they bloom.

IDPS isn’t just a school, but a garden of knowledge. Here, children are buds who are nurtured with love, learning, and love for learning. After nurturing, they bloom as happy flowers, who will go on to spread their fragrance of knowledge and enlightenment in the world. So come, make your child a part of the garden of knowledge.

Values that are a pedestal of excellence!

At IDPS, we believe in imparting skills that will propel life. Our holistic pedagogy goes beyond academics, instilling values that will prepare students for success in this competitive world. IDPS shapes well-rounded individuals, equipping them for a fulfilling journey ahead. Skills for life, at IDPS, are designed to redefine education.


Respecting fellow human beings, irrespective of his / her beliefs, thinking, religious practices and other differences.


The virtue is in being true to oneself and the world at large, now and always. This value is a litmus test of one’s character.


The basis that denotes the entire value system of a person that’s reflected in the behavior and attitude of that person, always.


Every person has a conscience that rules different facets of one’s character. The sum total of all that is ethics.


In times of intolerance of any kind, it’s the ability to come to terms with a situation, a place or mental frame of mind that defines adaptability.


The willingness to tread the unknown path with unforeseen challenges, that’s what leadership is all about.


It’s about an individual’s ability to think different, find solutions to problems with real thinking and lead the way on the character highway.


One must always think about the pain and pleasures of another individual as well. It’s about humanity always coming to the fore.


Ambition is the motivation that drives our actions. A child should always nurture ambition at every step.


The facet of a person that is often about expressions and being articulate. It is not just an art; creativity is everything RESPECT related to life.


Adhering to rules and regulations not for anybody else but for oneself is the greatest identity of this value.


It’s the quality of unwavering pursuit of the goal that one has set himself / herself to. It keeps the mind at one place during every task.


When a person observes the world around and forms an opinion, it is all about grasping learning, wisdom and figuring out what is being communicated.


The onus on every child to do something on his/her own. This initiative and willingness to own up to a task is responsibility.


Always, give and take helps people move ahead and move along in this world. It’s the way we evolve, we know each other - and this is the basis of teamwork.


Accepting and acknowledging others’ cultures, customs and beliefs is the greatest example of tolerance.


There has never been any replacement to hard work and can never be. And staying devoted to one’s goal is what defines it.


We are all born the same and differences like caste, colour and creed are just perceptional aspects of one’s behaviour.


It’s simply how we look at things. It’s our approach, method and perception of humans and objects.


Being a wholesome personality is what this virtue is about. Being complete in every way is the first lesson in values.