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Nestled in the heart of Kurnool, a town with a rich history, the International Delhi Public School (IDPS) has bloomed as a dynamic center of global education.

IDPS has an environment that transcends conventional learning settings with facilities that complement the best of national and international schooling. Here, we forge a distinct path towards success, cultivating a mindset where our students arise to be the ‘leaders of a new world’.


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Values that are a
Pedestal of Excellence!

At IDPS, we believe in imparting skills that will propel life. Our holistic pedagogy goes beyond academics, instilling values that will prepare students for success in this competitive world. IDPS shapes well- rounded individuals, equipping them for a fulfilling journey ahead. Skills for life, at IDPS, are designed to redefine education.


Respecting fellow human beings, irrespective of his / her beliefs, thinking, religious practices and other differences.


The virtue is in being true to oneself and the world at large, now and always. This value is a litmus test of one’s character.


The basis that denotes the entire value system of a person that’s reflected in the behavior and attitude of that person, always.


Every person has a conscience that rules different facets of one’s character. The sum total of all that is ethics.


In times of intolerance of any kind, it’s the ability to come to terms with a situation, a place or mental frame of mind that defines adaptability.


The willingness to tread the unknown path with unforeseen challenges, that’s what leadership is all about.

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frequently asked questions

Questions & Answers

What curriculum will the school follow?

IDPS follows CBSE curriculum

How experienced are your teachers and staff?

Teachers and staff are well-qualified, experienced and caring professionals, whose primary concern is the welfare and development of young children.

What facilities do you have?

World class infrastructure and amenities, spacious AC classrooms, child sized high quality furniture and equipment, sports complex, library, amphitheatre, labs, dedicated areas for extracurricular activities, infirmary, dining area, transport (AC buses).

What sports does the school offer?

The school offers Cricket, Skating, Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Chess, Yoga, Karate and Taekwondo. Intra-school and Inter-school tournaments are held on a regular basis to encourage and promote sports. School campus has open spaces to play. Trained & experienced physical educators have been engaged to ensure that the children participate in age appropriate sports and exercises.

They smile,
they play,
they learn.

“At IDPS, we stand not at the crossroads of education, but in the face of change. We envision a future where learning surpasses rote memorization, where critical-thinking sparks creativity, and where cultural awareness unlocks a world of understanding. Education is a weapon that empowers us to navigate the complexities of our world, to understand diverse perspectives and to become agents of positive change. If you are seeking an environment for your child to grow with a set of values, welcome to International Delhi Public School - the gateway to a world of endless possibilities.”


Chairman, KJR Educational Society

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