Starting from home, to start a school-day with joy.

International Delhi Public School, Kurnool, offers a plethora of amenities and facilities to pursue education in an undistracted, friendly educational environment. When it comes to transportation, the school provides safe and hassle-free transportation facility for students to commute to-and-from school. Our fleet of buses is equipped with communication devices and drives down to various parts of the city, ensuring that students commute to school comfortably and on time. Every bus has a caretaker to ensure the safety of children in transit, and attend to them in case of any need along the way. Students, on reaching the campus, assemble in the spacious green lounge in front of the school.

The day at IDPS begins with morning prayers followed by students’ talk on contemporary and topical issues - which is part of the knowledge-sharing exercise.
IDPS, Kurnool Facilities CBSE School
IDPS, Kurnool Facilities CBSE School

Learning and fun that furthers a happy childhood.

IDPS provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere for every child. The curriculum followed during the early years of schooling (Pre-Primary) is pioneering, experimentbased, and enlightening. The emphasis during this stage strengthens a child’s thinking, physical, social and emotional competencies. A staff of certified teachers support children as their role models through quality interaction, direction, observation, and assessment. The imaginatively designed classrooms with excellent resources help foster a positive learning attitude in every child. An exclusive Activity Studio has been designed with learning corners, to help them enjoy the process of learning while playing.

The school is an environment that is warm, engaging, and encourages children to play, learn and grow. IDPS understands the significance of early learning years, as they are crucial for the positive growth of a child and approaches accordingly.

Arming them to experiment with courage, so they evolve.

The comprehensive, thematic, and creative curriculum in the Primary School at IDPS is designed to allow children to explore and enhance their potential. Students are encouraged to identify and ask pertinent questions and construct well-informed answers. They develop knowledge and understanding of subjects through observation, practical activity, exploration and discussions. Teachers adopt a well-defined process with specific learning goals to deliver a deeper understanding of key concepts in every subject. Often, a stage to exhibit their skills is organized, which works as a bridge between ideas and implementation, providing a platform to demonstrate theories using charts and models.

IDPS grooms students during the primary years of schooling, to help them evolve into confident, independent, and positive individuals ready to attempt any challenging task, whether academic or personal.
IDPS, Kurnool Facilities CBSE School
IDPS, Kurnool Facilities CBSE School

In step with emerging technology and teaching system.

International Delhi Public School, Kurnool, has the best of faculty, hand-picked from eminent institutions of the country. The teaching fraternity comprises certified professionals and thought-leaders, whose expertise and passion for innovation will create one-of-a-kind learning environment. It’s their depth of understanding and invaluable experience that will contribute to a rich environment for learning-while-doing. Teachers are well-versed with modern techniques in teaching-learning systems and effectively use the latest teaching gadgets provided in the classroom to help students understand complex topics with ease and clarity.

Teachers at IDPS follow a systematic and innovative pedagogy, an approach that is aimed to kindle an interest for learning in children, setting the plank for them to take on from there and pursue their interest.

Turning outdoors into centres of learning and fun.

Field trips and educational tours are like a classroom-in-motion and a school-awayfrom school. These exclusive, activity-based educational tours are based on the grasping abilities and age group of students. Field trips and short-duration picnics conducted during the academic plan are directly related to the lesson being studied. Predicted questions, observations, and curiosities are incorporated into the classroom plan, before and after field trips, as they teach students to face realistic challenges, tackle real-life situations, and then relate them with textbook learning. Students, during these trips, also develop inter-personal skills as they understand and ingrain the values of sharing, caring, teamwork, collaboration and co-ordination.

IDPS firmly believes in bringing classroom programmes to real-life environment. This enables better retention of subjects taught, while cultivating creative thinking in students.
IDPS, Kurnool Facilities CBSE School
IDPS, Kurnool Facilities CBSE School

Prepared for every leap into the digital era.

Digital-focused education is the new normal today. In this constantly evolving digital age, IDPS believes that ICT is progressively becoming a ubiquitous part of a learner’s life at school and beyond. International Delhi Public School, Kurnool, has a full-fledged Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Lab with well-configured systems complemented by the school’s WiFi network and a central technology hub. The ICT Programme encompasses use of a wide range of digital tools, media, and learning environment for teaching, learning, and assessing. To nurture reading and explorative skills, the school will be establishing a full-fledged Library-Media Center, together with composite Science and EVS Labs.

The IDPS ICT Programme provides ample opportunities for teachers in enabling students to investigate, create, communicate, collaborate, organize, and cultivate the habit of self-learning and research.