IDPS, Kurnool Extra Curricular Activities

Giving aspirers the plank to start professionally.

Middle School is a crucial time for sharpening academic and study skills from the foundation established in earlier years, as well as fostering effective work habits and self-advocacy. At IDPS, this is achieved in a well-supported environment through a mix of class activities and small group work that caters to individual student’s needs. Learning is further enhanced by opportunities for students, to take part in several value-sessions activities that nurture students’ intellectual and analytical skills. Teachers emphasize on active learning, and students are regularly assessed to help them reach their full potential and achieve excellence in all aspects of learning.

International Delhi Public School has plans to establish a Tool Lab so students can create project models. A full-fledged Robotics program is also planned to promote design-thought process, critical engineering skills, and teamwork.
IDPS, Kurnool Extra Curricular Activities

To be always in the forefront of goal-achievement.

The academically-focused programmes at IDPS have been designed incorporating the advancements in global educational field. The teaching methodology adopted for higher school students is proactive, and ensures active participation of everyone. Students are divided based on their overall skills and are groomed for better performance. At IDPS, learning is a process that includes discussions, case studies, investigations, problem-solving, project work, periodic tests, and other interactive sessions. The scientifically devised assessment system analyses academic performance of students at a micro level to take corrective measures.

IDPS offers flexible academic-centered programmes, Senior School onwards, which help them achieve their long-term goals. The programmes inspire and motivate students to acquire the requisite skill-sets to succeed in senior school and beyond.

Taking the sports route to being well-groomed.

The infrastructure of sports and physical development in both Junior and Senior Wings of International Delhi Public School has been designed to suit growing needs of different age groups in the school. The outdoor and indoor sports arenas of school encourage students to pursue Football, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis, Basketball and Volleyball. Thus, cultivating team spirit and healthy competition among their peers. Experienced instructors are available for all sports on campus to impart requisite training. Physical exercise, Aerobics and Gymnastics are also practiced by students to help them keep their body toned, and mind agile.

The school-life at IDPS includes diverse physical development activities that form an ideal avenue to channelize emotions constructively, while inculcating in them a positive attitude and sportsmanship.
IDPS, Kurnool Extra Curricular Activities
IDPS, Kurnool Extra Curricular Activities

Putting ‘extra’ in the curriculum to be extraordinary.

Students of International Delhi Public School have ample time in the academic schedule so that they can hone their creative talent and pursue activities of their interest. The school has drawn out several activities to identify individual talents in students and bring them to the fore. Teachers observe their skills and interests, and are enrolled into Science, Literary and Cultural Clubs. The ambience in these clubs stimulates healthy learning, as students are given ample opportunity to organize activities of the clubs. In addition to the club activities, students are also offered training in Martial Arts, Meditation and Yoga to help them be mentally and physical agile, starting at a young age.

The well-devised, co-scholastic activities at IDPS provide perfect relaxation from the regular academic course. The activities planned in addition to being recreational - ensure mental, physical, social and spiritual development of students - setting the base for a well-in-control life decisions.

Making values as the worth of life-lessons.

Value-based education in schools plays a major part in a student's life, shaping their future and adding purpose to life. Students of International Delhi Public School are taught to love mankind, respect the society they live in, and grow up as tolerant individuals. They are part of several outreach programmes to understand the importance of community living and social empathy. They are also taught the 3Rs of eco-friendly living: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle - making them a part of their everyday life. In other words, they are trained to preserve the pristine surroundings bestowed upon us by nature. They are also involved in on-site service camps, as part of which they visit old-age homes, orphanages, plantation drives in neighbourhood villages and localities.

The children of IDPS celebrate various festivals on the campus, as a way to promote brotherhood. With such activities they develop a sense of tolerance and communal harmony.
IDPS, Kurnool Extra Curricular Activities